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Web Development Fundamentals

Question No: 121 – (Topic 2)

In what file do you configure Forms authentication with SSL for an ASP.NET Web application?

  1. forms.config

  2. web.config

  3. authentication.config

  4. security.config

Answer: B

Question No: 122 – (Topic 2)

You create an ASP.NET user control named MyControt.ascx.

You need to specify the color of MyControl as follows:

lt;uc:MyControl Color=”Blue” /gt; What should you do?

  1. Create a public method named Color in the code-behind file of the page.

  2. Create a public property named Color in the code-behind file of MyControl.ascx.

  3. Create a public property named Color in the code-behind file of the page.

  4. Create a public method named Color in the code-behind file of MyControl.ascx.

Answer: B

Question No: 123 – (Topic 2)

The purpose of SQL Server connection pooling is to:

  1. Increase the efficiency of creating SQL Server connections

  2. Optimize the time it takes to execute stored procedures

  3. Enable multiple queries to execute simultaneously

  4. Commit open transactions periodically

Answer: A

Question No: 124 – (Topic 2)

The web.config file of a Web site contains the following XML.

Ensurepass 2018 PDF and VCE

You write the following code in a new ASP.NET Web page on the Web site.

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVaI sender As Object, ByVaI e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.LoadResponse.Write(quot;Helloquot;)

End Sub

What happens when the page loads?

  1. The page is blank.

  2. The page displays a 404 error.

  3. The page displays quot;Helloquot;.

  4. The page displays a 500 error.

Answer: C

Question No: 125 – (Topic 2)

You are using a SqIDataSource object- The SqlDataSource object must pass the value of an lt;asp:Text:Boxgt; control to a stored procedure in its SELECT command.

You need to extract the value of the text box. Which parameter type should you use?

  1. ControlParameter

  2. StringParameter

  3. TextBoxParameter

  4. TextParameter

Answer: A

Question No: 126 – (Topic 2)

You need to display the same image and text as a group on several Web pages. You also need to assign a different background color to each instance of the group.

Which type of control should you create to contain the group?

  1. Display control

  2. User control

  3. Render control

  4. Server control

Answer: B

Question No: 127 – (Topic 2)

You create a session variable. What is its initial value?

  1. -1

  2. blank

  3. 0

  4. null

Answer: D

Question No: 128 – (Topic 2)

To use ASP.NET AJAX controls on a page, those controls must be placed in an:

  1. lt;asp:UpdatePanelgt; control.

  2. lt;asp:PageUpdategt; control.

  3. lt;asp:ScriptManagerProxygt; control.

  4. lt;asp:ScriptManagergt; control.

Answer: A

Question No: 129 – (Topic 2)

You have multiple Web sites on a Web server. One of the Web sites generates an error that causes IIS to fail. What should you configure to prevent future IIS failures?

  1. application pools

  2. virtual directories

  3. session state

  4. worker processes

Answer: A

Question No: 130 – (Topic 2)

An embedded style sheet contains the following code:



background-color: red;


Your Web page contains the following HTML:

lt;div style=quot;background-color: yellow;quot;gt;Hellolt;/divgt;

When the Web page renders, the background color of the div will be:

  1. Yellow

  2. Transparent

  3. Orange

  4. White

  5. Red

Answer: A

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